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September 30 2016



people who should get to wear dresses:

  • everybody

people who should get to wear suits:

  • everybody

people who should get to wear anything they want rlly:

  • everybody

people who should get to wear full suits of armour and befriend a fucking dragon:

  • everybody
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Death becomes her.Meryl Streep,Bruce Willis & Goldie Hawn.

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If gender is innate, if girls and boys are just naturally different and naturally like different things, want different things, show different behaviors, why do we have to put so much effort, so much work into separating them?

If gender was innate it wouldn't have to be indoctrinated into anyone. Everyone would naturally pick what they want to pick, and every girl would pick the same thing while every boy would pick the opposite. We would never have to tell any little girl or little boy anywhere, “this is not for you, it’s for boys/girls”.

Children Don’t Have Gender Identity - Blibli Blogging
(via frizzfelon)
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Camel Centaur 



when your anxiety is constant but you do a really good job of pretending it’s not there

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a handy guide

September 21 2016

I’m always soft for you, that’s the problem. You could come knocking on my door five years from now and I would open my arms wider and say ‘come here, it’s been too long, it felt like home with you.
Azra T.My Heart is Full of Open Windows
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Grease!!! AU!!!!

Love someone who is kinder to you than you are to yourself.
Nikita Gill
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Bioshock collection:

↳ quote posters










Protip for men: if marriage is a horrifying concept for you and you think it is an evil trap, do not buy a ring and ask a woman to marry you

I’m way over seeing radical feminist bullshit on my dash. This isn’t even social justice or a real issue.

sorry that not marrying someone you dont loathe is radical feminism i guess?

women: don’t propose or get married if u don’t like the thought of marriage

men: what kind of sjw fuckery

the other bit that this implies is:

If you like your wife, act like it. Even around your friends. Be open and honest about liking your wife, liking spending time with her, and not being resentful of the shared work of building a household. Let your buddies know you can’t hang out with them because you’d rather be home with your wife, whom you like, because she is your legit bff, even though you know your buddies are gonna mock you for it.

Stand up to your buddies. Tell them mocking isn’t cool and you don’t want them to do it anymore. Challenge the other men in your life to be better men.

That is what “don’t get married if you think marriage is an evil trap” implies to men who are married. And while it’s all completely reasonable I imagine that it’s scary as fuck when it’s just so much easier to har de har har the little woman’s such a nag, ain’t she, don’t we all hate being married so much? with other men.

In that context, “don’t get married if you think marriage is an evil trap” is kindof a radical statement.

The number of guys I work with who are engaged who started pulling the “uh oh, life over soon, har har” shit that I have completely shut down with a simple “well if you don’t want to get married, then don’t”…*sigh* And they’re just like, hem, haw, welllll if I don’t then she might not stay with meee, which I respond to with “well, sounds like you need to have a pretty serious and honest conversation with your fiancee about your feelings then” and then the *panic!* look…When you remove that easy “hah hah ball-and-chain” narrative, watch the reaction. Some of them (to a female friend) will mumblingly admit that they love their fiancee and are excited to be married. Others…all you get is fear.

That’s the disservice we do men by refusing to teach boys how to explore their emotional needs. It hurts everyone. I watched three male friends walk into marriages I can tell they weren’t ready for and didn’t want, just because it was expected and they had no tools for emotional self-examination. Two of those marriages are (shockingly) in crisis, a couple years later. One has kids involved now. It’s more than a little heartbreaking. The marriages I see that are working? Are the guys with the emotional maturity to talk to their wives and who don’t care if everyone knows they’re in love with them.


lol at someone actually thinking that liking the person marry is just “feminist bullshit.” 

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September 20 2016


“I just want him in my life,” she said.

“As a friend or lover, whatever. I just want him there. Everything feels better when he’s around.”

— Excerpt from a book I’ll never write (via nefariousluminescence)

September 18 2016



Sleeping next to someone you care about is probably one of the best feelings in the world.

September 13 2016



*checks bag* OK it’s there
*closes bag*….
*2 seconds later* okay but is it REALLY there *checks b

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Ark. Written by Ehud Lavski. Art by Yael Nathan. If you like it, please share.

Contact: elavski@gmail.com

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